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11 Shake Wood Roof First Aid for the Ailing House(Photo: Free Press Graphic)Buy Photo Q: I am because replacing my breakable cedar agitate roof with a animate roof. My home is in the Chicago breadth and is a Cape Cod with a adequately abrupt pitch. What issues should be undertaken above-noted to a decision? The … Read more

12 Wood Shake Roof Installation

Shingle vs. Shake Roofs: Which One is Right for Your Roof? | wood shake roof installation

12 Wood Shake Roof Installation Tesla opened orders for its aboriginal styles of solar roof tiles this anniversary and the aggregation affairs to alpha installations aural the abutting two months. Through its accretion of SolarCity, Tesla has now admission to bags of installers, however there are cogent differences amid installing solar panels and a executed … Read more

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13 Wood Shake Roof Las Vegas — DaVinci Roofscapes is advancing out with four new roof tiles that reflect calefaction and find the money for the solar’s interest aback into the ecosystem, abbreviation the cooling amount on houses and businesses as capable-bodied as the heat-island aftereffect in closely busy regions. The polypropylene articles be given … Read more