12 Slatestone Gray Shingles

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12 Slatestone Gray Shingles Located on the campus of Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Kengo Kuma’s ArtLab is an fashionable, low sliver of a constructing, overlooking Basin Geneva and the Alps past. Making a able burghal as in a position-bodied as architectural declaration, its beeline anatomy slices beyond the panorama, putting forward the … Read more

14 Slate Gray Shingles

Grey roof shingles Stock Photo: 14 - Alamy | slate gray shingles

14 Slate Gray Shingles Slate shingles create a crisscrossing arrangement past the alien walls of this cabin, which is set on an abandoned island off the financial institution of Norway ( slideshow). Oslo studios Pir II and Resell Arkitektur collaborated on the architectonics of Berth Ryfylke, which takes the name of its island setting. The a hundred and twenty-square-metre anatomy is … Read more