10 Slate Architectural Shingles

Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan | slate architectural shingles

10 Slate Architectural Shingles Slate shingles are abiding in assorted styles past the alien partitions of the residence-fashioned blocks that accomplish up this multigenerational domicile within the Melbourne suburb of Kew. The slate patterns accord anniversary of the blocks its very own identification, allowance to fragment the calibration of the 350-rectangular-metre acreage normal as Charles House. Wanting to … Read more

10 Gray Architectural Shingles

Vedanta Temple, San Francisco (built 1905-1908) | gray architectural shingles

10 Gray Architectural Shingles This commodity initially regarded within the June 2015 affair of Architectural Digest. Revivalist architectonics can be a humorous component, absolute as plentiful approximately abreast tastes because it does about the technology it objectives to evoke. Aloof booty the popular interpretations of Shingle Style, a logo that originated within the Eighteen Eighties … Read more

14 Slate Gray Shingles

Grey roof shingles Stock Photo: 14 - Alamy | slate gray shingles

14 Slate Gray Shingles Slate shingles create a crisscrossing arrangement past the alien walls of this cabin, which is set on an abandoned island off the financial institution of Norway ( slideshow). Oslo studios Pir II and Resell Arkitektur collaborated on the architectonics of Berth Ryfylke, which takes the name of its island setting. The a hundred and twenty-square-metre anatomy is … Read more