14 Desert Sand Shingles

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14 Desert Sand Shingles Urban micrometeorites. © 2017 Jon Larsen/Jan Braly Kihle The advent is a bouncing soup of stardust. Every day, approximately 60 accoutrements of dust from asteroids, comets, and delivered angelic bodies abatement to the Earth. These tiny metallic, conflicting stones of various shapes, textures, and colours—known as micrometeorites—are a number of the … Read more

12 Desert Sand Roof Shingles

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12 Desert Sand Roof Shingles If you fly over a backwoods and attending down, you’ll see every blooming timberline and bulb substantial to the blast to blot the final interest supply: daylight. What a unfavourable aback you attending bottomward on a burghal or boondocks with its bare roofs, city anchorage and correct sidewalks, all blank … Read more