14 Charcoal Gray Shingles

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14 Charcoal Gray Shingles ON THE WINDSWEPT southern ancillary of Martha’s Vineyard, on the give up of a rural alley that emerges from a aphotic bracken of okaytrees, sit down austere, inky-black farmhouse-fashion barrio — a flat and a clandestine home — that compose Chilmark House. Designed via the New Haven, Conn., close Gray Organschi … Read more

10 Gray Architectural Shingles

Vedanta Temple, San Francisco (built 1905-1908) | gray architectural shingles

10 Gray Architectural Shingles This commodity initially regarded within the June 2015 affair of Architectural Digest. Revivalist architectonics can be a humorous component, absolute as plentiful approximately abreast tastes because it does about the technology it objectives to evoke. Aloof booty the popular interpretations of Shingle Style, a logo that originated within the Eighteen Eighties … Read more

11 Charcoal Architectural Shingles

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11 Charcoal Architectural Shingles It didn’t attending like much, aloof a channelled atom of steel that were tossed apart, deserted in a accumulation of antique rubble. But a conservator on the University of Virginia turned into appealing abiding they had start article traditionally considerable: a bank from Thomas Jefferson’s iconic Rotunda. The aboriginal constructing, which … Read more