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14 Hip Roof Pitch Chart

“Never already acknowledged, no longer a highlight, annihilation got here in our direction,” says Angie Stone of her acquaintance accent the 2016 VH1 Hip-Hop Honors. “I aloof was so embarrassed.”

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The occasion, captivated at New York’s Lincoln Center and advertisement on the association aftermost summer time, became subtitled “All Hail the Queens,” a girls-first accolade to the changeable antecedents of hip-hop. Honorees blanketed Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott. But not one of the display’s acclaimed icons were as virtually exhausted as Stone’s funk-a-doodle-rock-jam leash the Sequence.

The accumulation – Cheryl “the Pearl” Cook, Gwendolyn “Blondy” Chisolm and Stone, the beforehand singer, afresh widely wide-spread as Angela “Angie B” Brown – recorded the tough-grooving Sugar Hill Annal distinct “Funk You Up” in 1979, one of the real aboriginal hip-hop songs every time categorical to vinyl. Admitting by no means surely licensed, it became a civic wreck, constrained as the aboriginal rap hit carried out by using women, and abandoned the third rap track to blueprint within the Top 50 of Billboard‘s Hot Body Singles. Beforehand from a South Carolina accommodation interest into the civic highlight, the Sequence have been moreover America’s aboriginal Southern rap group. And in a Nineteen Seventies mural vicinity the few rap annal that existed had been refrain-free exhausted marathons, the Sequence seamlessly alloyed singing and rapping, by accident paving a lane for artists like Lauryn Hill, Drake and Future.

“‘Gangsta rap’ got here out of my mouth. Did you apperceive that?” says Cook. She takes a minute to agilely aeon via her ballad at the 1980 distinct “And You Apperceive That” to get to the smoker gun. “I stated, ‘We’re no longer Con Alarm Shun, we’re not the Gap, we’re the Sugar Hill ladies with the gangsta rap,’” she recites with force. “‘We’re no longer Chic or Sugar Hill. We’re the Sequence girls with the gangsta thrill.’ We have been the deserted ones talking about ‘gangsta’ in information. It got here out of my mouth!”

At the Hip-Hop Honors, Sequence turned into accustomed with a image – considered one of 30 squares on a collage of changeable rappers – and a shout-out at some point of’s Salt’s accepting speech. Activity disrespected, the accumulation started out branch against the aperture but say they have been approached to accompany Queen Latifah for a show-final all-megastar success of her 1994 awesome “U.N.I.T.Y.”

“We checked out them like they were crazy,” says Cook. “We’re no longer pastime at the date to allocution approximately accord aback there’s no accord amidst us. And we left.” (Says a VH1 spokesperson, “We’re massive admirers of Sequence and have been captivated to simply accept them as visitors at the display.”) 

“A lot of changeable rappers say they’ve been there aback Day One,” says adolescent vintage-faculty fantasy Roxanne Shanté. “I’ve been there aback the night earlier than. And they were there afore that. Aback it got here to audition them on the radio, they robotically permit me recognise, OK, that’s what I’m declared to be doing. If it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t be no me. And if it wasn’t for me, there wouldn’t be none of them.”

The Sequence weren’t the aboriginal accumulation of ladies to draft the microphone – cassettes of backward 1970s and aboriginal Nineteen Eighties New York throwdowns explode with the choir of Sha-Rock of Blue 4 1, the Mercedes Ladies, Lisa Lee of Afrika Bambaataa’s Cosmic Force, Pebblee Poo of Harlem’s Masterdon Committee and greater. But the Sequence were the aboriginal to ability aerial alfresco the bristles boroughs, an primary footfall in hip-hop’s acceleration from bounded consciousness to Planet Rock.

“[VH1] authorised to trade history and say plenty of our bodies don’t bethink Sequence,” Stone says. “They didn’t accomplish a cogent considerable contribution, and we had been devastated.” 

For affidavit of the Sequence’s constant get entry to on abreast tune, you ability no longer rate to accent considerable added than 2016’s Almanac of the Year Grammy winner, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” The Sequence feel that the tune – a 14-week chart-topper and 11-time platinum mega-ruin – has a arch this is significantly agnate to the choir of the their signature music, “Funk … you … appropriate on up.” 

“Bruno Mars took the lyrics, the accessory and the melodies,” says Stone, “and afresh they went and performed over to ‘Apache’ [the enduring 1981 Sugarhill Gang amateur jam co-written by Cook] and were given ‘Jump on it/Jump on it.’ I’m like, OK, now y’all finished did too much. We’re bankrupt over right here, OK? We price some money. We fee some of that, because we created that!”

“We abuse abreast 60 years antique,” says Chisolm. “It’s annihilation humorous approximately this. We nevertheless accept to work. Cheryl absent her grandmama’s homestead due to not fulfillment capable of pay her payments.”

“For everybody that has acclimated our track, we must accept been millionaires a endured time ago,” says Cook. 

“Funk You Up” abandoned has been sampled or invoked via artists like En Vogue, Boogie Bottomward Productions, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ice Cube, Flavor Flav, De La Body and Trina. Best considerably, its ring-ding-donging attitude changed into followed through Dr. Dre for the 1995 twist of fate “Keep Their Active Ringin’.” All 3 say their booty was about 6.5 percent anniversary for the latter. 

The Sequence say their money woes began aback they became one of the
first acts lively to exhausted hip-hop characterization Sugar Hill Records. Sugar Hill
impresario Sylvia Robinson, who anesthetized abroad in 2011, biconcave them up and stored
them bistro and journeying for bisected a decade. But, in step with Chisolm, Sugar
Hill Annal endemic the organization’s publishing for 30 years, and Chisolm wagers they
may want to receive lived on those royalties. The
rights to “Funk You Up” changed aback to the leash in November 2016,
and now the buildup is acquisitive to area some energetic of its very own. The endorse apery Sequence tells Rolling Stone that he’s in talks with the attorneys that constitute Universal Music Publishing, with hopes of absolute the bearings affably – admitting he says he’s capable of accompany motion if necessary. Mark Ronson’s label, RCA, supplied no comment.

“We must’ve been capable of love it in our beforehand years,” says Chisolm. “Not to say I received’t booty it now!”

Stone, Cook and Chisolm all grew up in the Saxon Homes Projects in Columbia, South Carolina. Cook become the babe of a branch agent who turned into lifeless in a case of fallacious person aback Cook become not yet six years old; Chisolm, the additional oldest of a scattering of siblings, become integrated to a distinct mom; Stone, an abandoned child, was babe to a abettor and a cab-motive force ancestor who sang on the Masonic Temple.

Cook describes the affiliation as “near-knit.” Stone and Chisolm sang within the abbey choir and had admirable showings in
dance competitions afore the 3 affiliated as overachievers in C.A. Johnson Aerial School. Within the leash you had
woodwind gamers inside the academy band, balladry lovers and pals of the
basketball and clue teams – but all three confident up on the cheerleading squad, autograph unique
fabric rather than banal cheers.

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“‘Funk You Up’ comes from a cheer,” explains Chisolm. “‘Funk You Up’ was [sings]: ‘We’re gonna draft you, suitable on out. We’re gonna blow you appropriate on out.’”

Cook become partial to Rick James, James Brown, Larry Graham and musicians from past the Parliament-Funkadelic universe. But matters could exchange already 1979’s aboriginal beachcomber of hip-hop 12-inches commenced trickling bottomward to South Carolina radio stations: the Fatback Band’s “King Tim III” and, of route, the Sugarhill Gang’s monster hit “Rapper’s Delight.”

“When we heard ‘King Tim III,’ we absent it,” says Chisolm. “And afresh aback we heard the Gang, we changed into like … ‘We can do this!’ Because, with cheering, you’re essentially rapping appropriate there. We all aloof were given calm and aloof wrote the tune. Aloof began. It was aloof a agglomeration of talking, and we knew it had to rhyme.” Anon they had been alarm at Cook’s grandmother’s home and area the bounded skating rink, accomplishing beginning a cappella variations of Sequence songs like “Funk You Up” and “Come On Let’s Boogie.” Afore the 12 months turned into out, the Sugarhill Gang was rolling thru South Carolina, and, says Cook, “We capital to allow them to apperceive that we may want to rap too.”

Chisolm fashioned at the Super Saver, and her boss, who turned into an formidable track supervisor, had promised her some Sugarhill Gang tickets for her twentieth birthday. Admitting Chisolm was the oldest of the institution, her mother, a mother of 4 who formed for the Parks and Recreation branch, was the strictest.

“‘Now we got to peer how I’m gonna get out of the residence,’” Chisolm recollects wondering. “Because I knew my mother become in no way gonna allow me go to a live performance. … So I stated, ‘Mom, can I cross take in the night time with Cheryl?’ She said, ‘No. Get out of my face, and move sit bottomward someplace.’”

turned into like, ‘My mother said you can appear and break with us, if you appetite to. My mom
said your mom is crazy.’ I said, ‘Well, let me acquaint you this: If I airing out
that door, I’m now not pastime to each time be acquainted with seem aback in. I’m aloof gonna
need to backpack all my stuff. [My mom] stated, ‘If you airing out this door, don’t
you each time appear back.’ I by no means went back.”

When the leash accustomed on the Township Auditorium, the tickets they were promised have been now not on the container workplace. As they stood abject out of doors, one of the Gang’s staffers started out flirting with Stone. She right away sweet-talked him into on foot absolutely the accumulation behind the curtain.

“We didn’t alike apperceive who he changed into or region he was demography us. All we knew turned into we had been pastime in,” says Chisolm. “And aback he become speakme to us, we pass, ‘Oh, and via the manner, we are able to sing and rap larger than the Sugarhill Gang.’”

According to Cook, they bumped into Sugarhill Gang ambassador Nate Edmonds and anon went into bullwork approach – “Somebody gotta apprehend us. We may want to exhausted them guys rapping” – to which he answered that they ought to boost up him a tape. Afresh a articulation from a armchair stated, “I’ll receive to y’all.”

Music enterprise adept Sylvia Robinson had a career co-running the body characterization All Platinum and scoring hits for herself, first-rate afresh in 1973 with the sultry, good enough proto-disco track “Pillow Talk.” By arena Svengali to a few bounded children alfresco a New Jersey pizza parlor, she fashioned the Sugarhill Gang and Sugar Hill Records, the real aboriginal civic success for the long-incubating Bronx-born artwork anatomy of hip-hop. Far from the brilliant-suited accompanist she regarded as on Body Train, Robinson was aloof an in advance woman in T-blouse, denims and a anorak allurement to apprehend the agog women sing. They done some songs – “Come On Let’s Boogie” and “Get It Together,” and, in step with Chisolm, the Northerners laughed at them and were given a bang out of their Southern accents. 

Remembers Sugar Hill bassist Doug Wimbish, they performed two songs. “Somebody involves see me like, ‘Sylvia’s attractive for you, Sylvia’s attractive for you … and get your bass.’”

About to airing out, Cook suitable they do “Funk You Up” as a third quantity. Robinson stated, “‘Stop it appropriate there,’” Chisolm recalls. “‘Oh, my god, I’m pastime to perform you ladies stars. That’s a success.’” Doug Wimbish created what would turn out to be the 12-inch’s iconic bass bandage instantaneous.

“From the moment they commenced, ‘Won’t you arise … accumulate going,’ it took me approximately bristles strange to address that bass line. I’m no longer alike joking,” says Wimbish. “I heard it instantly. Out of those 3 women, who’s the ascendant attitude master? I followed Angie. I’m now not alike joking, I right away wrote that tune. I aloof listened to at least one vibe. Took bristles to 10 ordinary tops, now not alike bullshittin’ to you. My bass wasn’t acquainted in. I turned into aloof area it beeline in a room. And I could see their eyes diggin’ it, and afresh Sylvia’s eyes diggin’ it, so I aloof captivated the floor.

“It changed into so afire at that point as it was so natural,” he says. “There turned into no primary time. It’s in absolute time. You can’t calligraphy this shit.”

That night time they went on date with the Sugarhill Gang and absurdly bounced alternating to “Rapper’s Delight” and not using a microphones. The accumulation didn’t apprehend Robinson became the aforementioned lady who carried out “Pillow Talk” till they have been in her New Jersey domicile a few weeks later.

Prior to that trip, Chisolm had taken a buzz alarm from Robinson at Super Saver. “I authorized to capability out to my mom one added time,” she says. “I said, ‘Hey, mom. I aloof urge for food to acquaint you that I’m interest to New York to be a celebrity.’ What’d I say that for? Of route, she accursed me out and informed me, ‘They’re pastime to perform prostitutes and whores out of you.’”

They all were given on an aeroplane for the aboriginal time and met Robinson in New Jersey to almanac “Funk You Up.” New York and New Jersey didn’t devour them alive, however the capability shock changed into palpable. On the aboriginal night, Robinson gave them anniversary $one hundred to get article to consume. “To an 18-year-old kid, we turned into like, ‘$a hundred to get article to devour?!’ You know, so we went to McDonald’s,” says Cook with a laugh. “We accepting McDonald’s and giving them a $a hundred bill. I bethink them attractive at us like we have been crazy.”

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“You recognise, aback we were given up there, they took us in the office,” says Chisolm,” and [Sugar Hill co-founder Joe Robinson] did the amoroso allocution to us, informed us approximately the medicine, that the men up North had been altered than the lads from bottomward South. He asked us will we rate to head see a medical doctor, and I became like, ‘Oh, no. I don’t fee to peer a physician.’ I was a abstinent until I was 21. I didn’t apperceive annihilation approximately sex. My mother wouldn’t allow me out of the residence!

“Let me acquaint you how impaired we had been,” Chisolm maintains. “Sylvia stated, ‘The men aloof went to Europe. If you woulda got success an afternoon early, you could’ve went with them to Europe.’ So, Angie stated, ‘Can we bolt the bus?’ And she stated, ‘Oh, baby, the bus don’t go to Europe.’”

Chisolm put on a difficult, carnal character on “Funk You Up,” spitting curve like, “I get introduced sex than a cat hunt mice,” but in reality, aback her admirer Reese attempted to go all the manner, she needed to alarm Cook on the buzz for admonition – and afresh fainted. The accumulation recorded the track in one

“Joe and Sylvia had a cutter, They should reduce annal on the studio,” says Wimbish. “Let me acquaint you something, [the band] lived in Connecticut. We ought to cut a track at Sugar Hill in the course of the week. And on Friday we go home, I should understand the bits on WBLS active aback to Connecticut. That’s how quick the annal were given out.” 

Robinson beatific a few evaluation presses out to radio, and with the aid of the quit in their journey, says Cook, they were at the allegorical base WBLS carrying out an account with iconic New York DJ Frankie Crocker.

“We didn’t apperceive him from the person at the moon,” says Cook. “We had no abstraction we had been achievement interviewed with the aid of a legend. … But he became actual best to us.”

They flew aback home. In November, beneath than one a long time afterwards their acute affair with Robinson on the Township Auditorium, the Sequence had been audition themselves on the radio. In December, Robinson could alarm afresh and ask them to accommodated the Sugarhill Gang in North Carolina – she capital them to hit the road. At this point, Cook become accent Benedict College, Chisolm had goals of abutting the Army and desirable a project sergeant, and Stone was a aerial academy chief with four scholarships at the desk.

“I’m like, ‘My astronomic ain’t gonna allow me move nowhere!’” says Stone. “Blondy changed into like, ‘Lord, I apperceive my mom ain’t gonna allow me pass nowhere.’ But at this point the almanac become successful. I become there arrant like a huge child: ‘I’m no longer gonna get this adventitious anytime afresh in my life. Please!’ My dad said, ‘Girl, you may cry, you ain’t interest nowhere.’ My moms and dads said, ‘They ain’t gonna do annihilation but booty you up there and attain prostitutes outcha!’ In their world, Sylvia Robinson and them had been Northern our bodies and their college of redecorating wasn’t on the akin of a Southerner. So our mothers changed into cerebration the worst.”

Eventually Stone was capable of argue her parents to permit her cross. “Look,” she says. “I took $500 home, and that shut the ambitious down, OK?”

From there it turned into approximately two years of touring, recording, authoritative albums, journeying alongside the Sugarhill Gang and active it up in New York City’s alive hip-hop community. The potential was no longer alike a decade old, built-in in a South Bronx rec allowance in 1972 from Kool Herc’s “merry-move-round” deal with of manipulating annal and, soon, with MC Coke La Bedrock abacus words of encouragement. By 1979, it had spawned an association of techniques, ideologies, aesthetics, styles and crews that beyond boroughs and obstacles. Future icons like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Moe Dee and Kurtis Draft had already accustomed themselves. Three girls from South Carolina had been anon beforehand into the area attic of an American cultural revolution.

“We had no clue of what turned into interest on in New York,” says Cook. “We had noooo idea. In South Carolina, we were essentially engaging in the aforementioned things that they have been doing. We had bodies inside the esplanade each summer. We didn’t apperceive annihilation about Grandmaster Flash, none of the corporations. We met them. We didn’t apperceive them.”

Though their labelmates in the Sugarhill Gang were usually renowned as New Jersey interlopers, the Sequence be given annihilation but applicable memories in their time abolition hip-hop’s arena zero: “Herc, all of ’em,” says Cook, “all of us well-known us.” She recollects assuming up at the home of hip-hop nightlife in 1979, Disco Fever, in their brilliant and sparkly outfits. Bam-Bam, the aegis element, took them appropriate to customer Sal Abbatiello, who advised them they must experience cozy. “Sal acclimated to baptize a atom for us to take a seat. They constantly counseled us like girls. They constantly saved addition alternating to observe the women and accomplish abiding cipher got in our space,” Cook says. “People [would] cross, ‘Hey, Blondy,’ clasp your hand, and afresh you reachable your hand, they accord you pills or some thing. I would booty it and I would accord it to anyone abroad and say, ‘What’s this?’ and they say, ‘Oh, that’s cocaine.’ What I urge for food it for?”

The accumulation hit the alley on Sugar Hill amalgamation tours with delivered aboriginal rap luminaries just like the Treacherous Three, Blue 4 1, Kevie Kev, Beggarly Machine, and Wayne and Charlie. Chisolm describes the Sugarhill Gang as “ideal gents,” and alike artlessly anachronous the group’s Adept Gee “in call simplest.” Cook credibility out how affectionate the Gang have been to their cogent others aback domestic. However, traveling with the larger accumulation of rap’s aboriginal decade changed into a accessory into onerous rock-superstar debauchery.

Flash and the Furious Bristles came aboard worrying up the hotels and irritated and
doing the entirety. Putting holes inside the wall,” says Chisolm. “Sylvia
used to position us in the high-quality inns, [but] she started out placing us in
extraordinary motels. Sylvia said, ‘Oh, no. I can’t allow to pay for them
tearing up hotels.’ It was crazy. They would be given those ladies appear at the bus,
have intercourse on the bus, mixture up some of the beds. Afresh aback we get aback on the bus,
any person don’t wanna beddy-bye in that mattress ’cause that mattress executed been messed on. You
recognise them boys, how lousy they have been. 

“We have been some places, manner bottomward inside the South vicinity there had been no blacks,” Chisolm keeps. “We absolved in a eating place someday aback we have been pastime via city, and I might say, ‘We bigger get our base aback at the bus. These our bodies don’t accessory like they urge for food us here.’ And you recognize, of course, you had [the Furious Five] announcing, ‘Oh, I appetite any individual to return,’ ’motive they bottomward for a fight. One affair with they all achievement on the street, we didn’t receive to agony approximately cipher aggravation us, that’s for certain.”

Together, the Sequence and those aboriginal rap agencies were burying the seeds of the hip-hop anarchy past America. In the canicule afore amalgamation excursions just like the Fresh Fest or Run-D.M.C.’s Raising Hell tour, hip-hop acts have been normally aperture for alarm bands like Parliament, the O’Jays, Chaka Khan, and Kool and the Gang.

“Con Alarm Shun and Skyy,
they would seem on afore us and afresh they would get the befalling to watch
our shows,” says Cook. “And aback we seem offstage, they’d be like,
‘Amazing! Y’all are first rate!’ But the fine first rate component
was with the Gap Band, I suppose. We had shows that night, and that they flew us
into Tennessee. … Aback [the band] addled up on [sings “Funk You Up” riff], and we came out, the whoooooole location, the finished colosseum went crazy. Aback we said, ‘We gonna alarm … you …’ we didn’t accept to sing addition phrase. They articulate it all. Then, aback we went into ‘Tear the Roof Off,’ we had the guys sing, ‘Turn this mother …’ and the ladies sing, ‘We don’t rate no song. …’ It aloof stored activity aback and alternating with anniversary different. It stored going. Aback we got within the limousine, we should apprehend them chanting that at atomic six to 8 blocks away. We turned into like, ‘They’re nevertheless engaging in it!’ And aback we met the Gap Bandage the abutting night time, they said, ‘Why did y’all try this? We needed to postpone a accomplished hour afore we may want to get onstage.’ Bodies wouldn’t prevent chanting!”

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Though the Sequence adventure lasted three
complete-period albums and 10 singles, in the long run, annihilation akin the fulfillment or appulse of “Funk You Up.” Cook formed as a Sugar Hill centralized author, allowance pen songs for West Artery Mob and the Sugarhill Gang, such as singles like “8th Wonder” and “Apache.” During their abrupt time on bout together, Stone and rapper Rodney “Lil Rodney C” Stone from Blue four 1 have become inseparable. They pressured to the Bronx, formed on announcement parties and throwdowns and, according to Angie, agilely fabricated records.

“The aboriginal Roxy hip-hop live performance every time became promoted, paid for with Sequence dollars, due to the fact cipher overseas had money,” Angie says about the allegorical Manhattan atom that have become a flashpoint for hip-hop advancing the worlds of artwork, ball and bedrock track. “This is afore Wild Style the cine became out; that is afore Fab 5 Freddy was a big superstar. I adjourned a live performance bottomward at the Roxy roller-skating rink. The aboriginal time ever. Rodney and I placed calm a look that breach the skating amphitheatre in half. Afrika Bambaataa, Dr. Jekyll
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