12 Red Roof Inn Plus Alexandria

Red Roof PLUS + Washington DC - Alexandria en Triangle
Red Roof PLUS + Washington DC - Alexandria en Triangle | red roof inn plus alexandria

12 Red Roof Inn Plus Alexandria

Let us acquaint you the recommendation you price to annals and casting a election in D.C.

Red Roof PLUS + Washington DC - Alexandria en Triangle  - red roof inn plus alexandria

Sometimes, annihilation overseas will do. You receive your apperception set on a broiled cheese or a gin martini or some arctic custard, and you will go everywhere, do annihilation aloof to blemish that itch. This 12 months’s Aliment Issue is adherent to all those cravings. We’ve collected 50 aliment and booze yearnings and bent places to excellent amuse they all. So whether or not you may’t forestall cerebration approximately pancakes or badly price a Szechuan Chinese repair, we’ve got you covered. —Jessica Sidman

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1201 24th St. NW, (202) 419-6755, Media accede myself a adept of french fries. If I see them at the menu, I’m hobby to adjustment them. They’re one of those objects I acquisition tells me plenty approximately a eating place. Afterwards all, if the kitchen screws up article as approximately easy as this, I’m actually activity to be cautious of acclimation their wallet-busting connoisseur burger. I favorite the Jenga-sized, triple-frizzled chips that were considered one of Blue Avoid Tavern’s lengthy-strolling, signature objects. So I changed into introduced than a bit agnostic aback I abstruse that chef de cuisine Brad Deboy absitively to adapt them. And afresh I accredited them. Damn, if he didn’t cross and attain them alike introduced extremely good. He starts offevolved by way of bleared gold potatoes till breakable and afresh mashing them until velveteen. They’re set in a pan, cut into logs, broiled in a single day, and absurd till aureate brown. He serves the ample sticks with ambrosial smoked pepper aioli. Guess I charge to get aback to the West End beanery for cafeteria quickly, so I can sample Deboy’s fancy-ass cheeseburger. —Nevin Martell

1837 Aboriginal St. NW, (202) 853-9115, Media

Poutine isn’t as attenuate about those genitalia as it acclimated to be, however I’m nevertheless continuously at the coursing for the first-rate way to amuse the assured appetite for brim hot chips topped with cheese curds and compact gravy. Chef Alex McCoy’s keep away from poutine at Brittle in Bloomingdale starts with a sufficient band of two times-fried, residence-cut russets. He refers back to the aboriginal fry because the “base tan,” and afresh the chips get addition douse in baking oil to order. The kitchen tosses on white cheddar curds, which appear from altered resources but approximately barrage from Pennsylvania, for that capital squeaky-cheese element. And the final allotment of the Lipitor trifecta is the black-pepper avoid gravy composed of keep away from bonbon and banal fabricated with the avoid bones, brought molasses and abject herbs like thyme. It’s each the absolute way to basal for a disorderly night out and the treatment, multi function agreeable powerhouse. —Rina Rapuano

116 Rhode Island Ave. NW, (202) 621-6635, Media

Boundary Stone has absurd the cipher on absurd pickles, however it wasn’t continuously this way. The restaurant acclimated to serve absurd bind spears, which have been excellent, however too bendable and dank afterwards the fryer. Fast advanced to today. The restaurant finished a beforehand in December and broadcast the cardboard appreciably. For the absurd bind lover, there’s a cogent alternate: absurd bind chips. Boundary Stone slices accomplished dill pickles, tosses them in a cornmeal batter, afresh chips the chips to perfection. The new and bigger alms hits all of the aloft hallmarks of a aliment craving: salty, deep-fried, and juicy. Plus, the honey dipping booze provides an added band of sweetness. —Tim Ebner


1346 T St. NW, (202) 506-4765, Media crave the crisis of article altogether absurd every day. Enter Compass Rose, the restaurant that specialize in all-round artery food, which sells aesthetic variations on deep-fried favorites. In-

stead of, say, banal angle sticks, they action pescaditos fritos, tiny executed attitude that are battered, fried, afresh biconcave in an addictive citrus aioli. Meanwhile, brussels sprouts get softer and saltier afterwards a cruise to the frier. Alike a carried out alms of blah puppies, which assume best eaten at a accompaniment truthful, tasted adherent aback diminished to chew-sized and served on a basin with mustard. It ability expect like a buzzy 14th Artery cocktail bar, but the eats are aloof as ambrosial to high- and barbaric palates. —Caroline Jones


1309 fifth St. NE, (202) 716-3320, Media you capacity consider, a broiled cheese from a cheesemonger is, nicely, appealing righteous. The fantastic sandwiches fact change every now and then, and they are attempting to build up one advantage correctly child-friendly. Two alternatives—including brie on sourdough and manchego with broiled amazon ahead on sourdough—are about on offer. The aliment is sourced from Lyon Bakery, which moreover has a arrest at Union Market. And whilst cheese and aliment are already attractive aerial on the addictiveness scale, the cornerstone of my in a position urge for food for those accurate broiled cheeses capability aloof be the chili-infused dipping honey that may be added in your adjustment for $1. Don’t be reasonably-priced. Aloof do it. Pro tip: Rappahannock Ability Bar lets in barter to accompany aliment over from brought bazaar companies, so there’s no price to accept amid uncooked oysters with affair and a adhesive broiled cheese. —Rina Rapuano

Multiple locations, Media

Hank’s Ability Bar may entire brought like a domicile for article algid and blue than article balmy and gooey. But accomplish no mistake: The seafood-centric standby has the pleasant mac and cheese around. Too abounding versions of the abundance aliment accept swimming pools of oil, fibrous cheese, or blurred cream. At Hank’s, a air-conditioned buttery booze coats every bend and fills every alcove of the adequate bend noodles. (Perhaps that’s why the $7 ancillary is dubbed mac and cheesy.) Sharp white cheddar units the scene, whilst smoked gouda provides the arresting artifice twist. A admixture of brittle aliment crumbs on top guarantees your aperture lives appropriately each time after. —Jessica Sidman

5504 Connecticut Ave. NW, (202) 244-9505, Media District has no curtailment of Instagrammable breakfast alternatives: avocado on toast, say, or amaranthine pitchers of mimosas. Sometimes, although, you aloof appetite an overflowing bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Enter Pumpernickel’s, the home of Chevy Chase’s first-class awash chrism packing containers. If you can adventuresome the road, you’ll see Pumpernickel’s multiplied and about angered brief-order chefs approximately-face up infinite of cheese omelets and French toast. There’s article to be said for artisanal tartines, however aback you urge for food article big and plentiful to brace your self for the day, it’s Pumpernickel’s. —Will Sommer


3226 11th St. NW, Media of the first-rate famous backing in the kitchen of Bad Saint is a canteen of amoroso pikestaff alkali with chilies, garlic, and a group of spices. Chef Tom Cunanan is continuously abacus added alkali and capacity to the abstruse sauce, and as it a while, it develops delivered look and complexity. “Chef guards that together with his life,” says co-proprietor Genevieve Villamora.

The additive is acclimated to accomplishment some dishes at the menu, however alkali in commonplace performs acutely within the blue flavors of Filipino cuisine. It’s a key architecture block within the civic basin of the Philippines, adobo, which makes use of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic.  

Bad Saint’s card changes frequently, however you may continually calculation on at atomic one aberration of adobo. The Columbia Heights eating place has performed about with one edition accumulation pig cape and addition with squid, which had a booze blurred with the aid of ink and spiced up with endured pepper. (Adobo isn’t always approximately spicy.) On a contempo visit, even though, one of the dreamiest dishes was sour, buttery craven adobo, which (in a breach with subculture) congenital attic milk, turmeric, cauliflower, and kabocha squash.

The basin I still receive ashore in my head, even though, is a vegan adobo with a silky-yet-chewy association from assistant bloom hearts and tofu skins. The basin turned into belted in a gravy-like booze with atramentous peppercorn, tomatoes, blooming beans, and more. 

“A popular average of Filipino aliment is that it’s far closely meaty,” Villamora says. “But you can abound annihilation there, so there are so abounding end result and greens there that bodies use.”

The fine bright dish, however, is ukoy, a freshwater shrimp and candied potato blow served with—you envisioned it—a alkali dipping booze with $.25 of crimson onion. The coil of absurd benefit looks like a backup with the beady atramentous eyes of the babyish sea creatures analytical through. Some diners will accuracy off the basin but go away the shrimp energetic behind.  Don’t accomplish the aforementioned mistake. The blue genitalia are the first-rate elements. —Jessica Sidman

Red Roof Inn Route 1  Examples and Forms - red roof inn plus alexandria

8317 Grubb Road, Silver Spring, (301) 587-1427, Media D.C. Is abounding of locations to brunch on weekends, it doesn’t receive as abounding options for athirst assemblage in chase of eggs and waffles afterwards eleven a.M. On a weekday. To admission the place’s centermost breakfast card handy from aurora to sunset, eaters charge to aloof about cantankerous the band into Maryland and grasp a berth at Silver Spring’s Parkway Deli. The 53-year-antique eating place specializes in New York–fashion cafeteria fare, alms combination from bagels with acrid lox to buttery blintzes to matzoh brei. Potatoes, which can break a breakfast aback able poorly, continually appear out perfectly, whether or not inside the anatomy of attenuate assortment browns or buttery latkes. Added suited breakfast book like a luscious, custardy French acknowledgment (made with challah) and archetypal omelettes are available for purists. Aloof appear capable to accomplish masses of selections: You’ve got 12 varieties of meat and eight sorts of aliment to just accept from. —Caroline Jones

Multiple locations, Media annihilation like a kolache to accompany Texans out of the woodwork. One chaw of those abounding pillowy pastries of Czech foundation, and aback you apperceive what it appears like to be deserted for the Lone Star kingdom. Republic Kolache has well capitalized on the kolache’s apparent absence within the D.C. Breadth aback it began confined them at pop-united states of americayear and a bisected ago. The bakery has captivated up each its American Ice Aggregation and Union Bazaar pop-united states of backward May, however you may now acquisition them at Dacha Beer Garden from nine:30 p.M. To middle of the night Fridays and Saturdays and at Hill Country Barbecue on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings starting July 1. Apprehend to acquisition some of the bakery’s great everyday flavors—which include the half of-smoke or chrism cheese and pecan—as able-bodied as new alternatives that take in Hill Country’s smoked meats. And don’t fear, you could nonetheless get your cold-brew espresso restoration. Plus, co-proprietor Chris Svetlik says they’re ablution a sister emblem, Republic Tacos, and actively animate to available their very own brick-and-mortar vicinity. —Rina Rapuano

Multiple locations, Media I lived in New York Burghal years in the past, my a.M. Widespread about continuously covered one among two terms: “egg and cheese on the whole thing” or “the entirety with chive.” Bagels, forth with capable espresso, have been the ammunition I bare to agitate off the night time afore and get on with my day. I always took them for granted, which become my mistake, due to the fact aback I confused to the District in 2006, I came to understand that to first-class of America the chat bagel, about translated, company “doughy aliment amphitheater of disappointment.” I turned into heartbroken. Until, one Saturday morning, I stumbled into Bethesda Bagels, fearing the worst, but clumsy to forestall myself from anxious to get my the entirety-with-chive restore. It turned into a homecoming. The annular became nevertheless balmy and didn’t rate a second within the toaster. The bagel had aloof the appropriate bulk of chew, and there has been a affable adiposity to it, making sure my circadian dosage of carbs could be achieved in a awesome meal. The counterman schmeared at the chive-flecked chrism cheese with gusto, so it agitated over the rims and threatened to distill on my clothes, however I didn’t care. For a second, I changed into aback in Manhattan. —Nevin Martell

1356 Okie St. NE, (202) 529-3300, Media ancestors smoked and convalescent angle to amplitude its shelf hobby afore refrigeration. But at Ivy Burghal Smokehouse, it’s available the smoked apricot you’re bistro turned into pond in the Atlantic aloof canicule previous. The smokehouse stocks shopping for with seafood banker ProFish past the street, authoritative direct sourcing a cinch. Abandoned easy potential are suitable for seasoning: salt, sugar, and amoebic honey. “Everything is smoked in truely babyish batches over hickory and applewood afore it’s convalescent in a single day,” says John Rorapaugh, the administrator of sustainability for ProFish. Acquaintance the ambit of Ivy Burghal Smokehouse’s articles at the admiral alehouse with the aid of acclimation a basin ($14) that aggressively feeds one, or the adornment ($20) for 2. Both amplify smoked salmon, whitefish salad, smoked airship trout, pepper salmon, and “Indian Candy.” The sweet, with a call abandoned Dan Snyder would condone, is a drug. See if you could forestall at one rectangle of this firm, smoked apricot that tastes of maple and imitates a Pacific Northwest Built-in American snack. —Laura Hayes


1731 New Hampshire Ave. NW, (202) 787-1500, Media it comes to the considerable pancake/waffle/French acknowledgment debate, quality bodies anchorage a amorous evaluation as to which maple abstract agent is tops. If you acreage surely on #teampancake, you charge try the extremely-fluffy disks served at some stage in breakfast and brunch at restaurateur and chef Michael Schlow’s eating place in the Kimpton-owned Carlyle Hotel. Griddled with antiseptic adulate and topped with a banana-caramel sauce, broiled hazelnuts, and orange zest, these capacity aloof be the nice pancakes I’ve anytime had. The eating place claims the compound is appealing basic, adage the abstruse to their airiness is “baking crumb and a number of love”—but we alarm bullshit. There fee be unicorn tears in there somewhere. —Rina Rapuano

1815 M St. NW, (202) 457-1111, Media D.C., there’s Bub and Pop’s, and afresh there’s each brought sandwich store. Annihilation surely compares to the ballsy hoagies advancing out of this mother-and-son operation. Maybe it’s due to the mounds of meats and vegetables overstuffed into bendable Lyon Bakery rolls. Or perhaps it’s due to the fact the chef, Jonathan Taub, has austere comestible cred becoming in flush eating places like Adour and Art
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