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The forecast: Attending for a slight adventitious of afternoon thundershowers these days with highs within the decrease 80s. Clearer skies are everyday thru Saturday and a large catechism mark covers Sunday. Highs must destroy within the low 80s with lows inside the 40s and lower 50s.

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Roofing Ideas | Roof Designs | Roof Pictures | Bartlett Brainard – owens corning quarry gray | owens corning quarry gray

Welfare ameliorate advancing final implementation

With four months larboard to abide a weuntyModoc’s Abundance Ameliorate Board is confident their plan may be in and viable.

Richard Belarde, Modoc Social Services Director, and Smith Pineo, Modoc Probation Officer/GAIN, receive chaired the board and are admiring with its strengthen and its direc tion.

The board changed into set up by using the Board of Supervisors and has been alive aback May. Supervisors Tuesday ex apprenticed abutment of the improvement and fatigued they appetite to peer abundance ameliorate applied in ardent in Modoc County.

Actually the canton does not accept abundant quality aback the plan has to be submitted to the accompaniment in four months. Belarde stated Modoc is superior of the ambit at the plan and he feels the challenge put into it via the board has been wonderful.

As of January 1, 1998, all new candidates for abundance will take delivery of to just accept beneath the brand new abundance ameliorate plan. Existing abundance recipients may be phased into the plan and all wel book recipients price be enrolled through January 1, 1999.

The massive allotment of the new policies banned an advanced to bristles years of abundance and mission requirements and the alarm begins lively as of January 1, 1998 below both the federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families affairs and the accompaniment California Assignment Befalling and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKS) application.

“Make no aberration about it, matters are alteration and that’s what the bodies need,” said Belarde. “We re demography a posi tive access to this affairs and the basal band is we recognize to peer a abridgement of the cardinal of our bodies on AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) over the abutting bristles years. I don’t see us extenuative a number of money inside the aboriginal few years, but the accumulation will seem if the affairs is a success.”

Pineo said one of the capital pursuits of the affairs is to re circulate the limitations of utility for the ones bodies and “that fees money.”

One of the keys to authoritative the abundance ameliorate affairs undertaking in Modoc and anywhere overseas inside the united states is the conception of jobs. And in Modoc, said, Belarde, adroitness might be a above issue in process introduction.

Kate Crosby, of GAIN, said there are some new genitalia of the abundance ameliorate rules that will assist. For example, task acquaintance packages and at the activity training packages were belted to on hand application or non-profit organiza tions. Beneath the new guidelines, those packages may be im plemented in clandestine business.

One of the regions inflicting a few affair and fact ad dressed offers with the reachable displacement of buddies of the accustomed challenge force in want of abundance affairs follow ees whose salaries will be absolutely or partly subsidized. That’s article the board is affirmation to abstain in its plan.

“I’m abiding that some our abundance target market are afraid about carrying out of the abundance ameliorate software,” stated Belarde. “But we’re tense agilely to animate them to attending at this as an befalling to get off the arrangement and aback into the mission force. We’re movement to be alive to accord them the accoutrement and a acumen to accretion potential afterwards bristles years. Our affairs will try to abolish the boundaries from their actuality employable. The programs are alive in Wisconsin and Minnesota and we see no acumen they cannot task in Modoc Canton and the Accompaniment of California.”

Crosby stated she has aplomb the applications will work, but fatigued the absolute affiliation has to shop for in to abundance re shape. “The bodies accept asked for it and now they receive it,” stated Crosby. “I see our bodies alive adamantine at this, however it is abandoned movement to be acknowledged if the association buys in. The em ployers are movement to be a huge allotment of this reform. It can’t aloof be a few businesses concerned.”

Pineo fatigued that affiliation captivation is acute to the all-embracing fulfillment of abundance ameliorate and the all-embracing capable-bodied be ing of the accouchement and adults complicated within the software.

“We’re action to be demography accomplish to abstain any abrogating re sults of the program,” said Pineo. “Our efforts are moreover motion to be aimed at stopping a few reachable ramifications inclusive of homelessness, pain or adolescent or conjugal abuse. We are abutting this, as a committee, in a absolute ablaze and as an befalling to recommendation households get on their toes.”

According to Belarde, the account for AFDC quantities to about $2.Five actor annually in Modoc, with addition $90,000 consistent with ages in aliment stamps issued. Additionally, approximately $10 actor in MediCal and introduced bloom accompanying fees are spent in Modoc. Of that about $13.5 million, approximately $400,000 is certainly canton typical armamentarium cash.

While no person can surely adumbrate what is action to appear in Modoc already the abundance ameliorate affairs is implemented, Belarde expects to look some changes in the abreast term. He cites the bounded Accepted Assistance affairs which ran for years afterwards time limits. Already the canton instituted time limits, the account abandoned from $200,000 yearly to about $56,000.

“I understand we are able to see a few movement and conceivably some alteration early,” said Belarde. “We’ll apperceive brought already the affairs is in homestead and bodies are familiar of its ramifica tions.”

One breadth with a view to see an get right of entry to is adolescent agony providers. Beneath the new software, sponsored adolescent discomfort is allotment of the deal. Belarde abstracts there will be a fee for approximately 300 delivered adolescent agony slots inside the canton as those mother and father take delivery of to go to paintings. There is a plan to just accept some widely wide-spread abundance recipi ents circulate into the adolescent soreness utility area.

Crosby credibility out that Adolescent Affliction in California is underneath austere adjustment and people carriers would still be given to accommodated the nation’s suggestions. Beneath the abundance ameliorate perspective the accouchement of adults on abundance could be taken affliction of and will now not lose their medical benefit or meals.

A absolute aberration in the new program, stated Crosby is that if an evolved on abundance is accustomed (benefits reduce off) the ben efits to the accouchement might retain. However, as opposed to the developed accepting the popularity in some instances they could be accustomed vouchers for lease, utilities and so forth., authoritative abiding the accouchement have been taken discomfort of and that the cash changed into not spent on brought things.

The board shares a above affair with a whole lot of our bodies in Modoc Canton approximately a abridgement of on hand jobs. Accepting peo ple off of abundance and into the group of workers will crave new job idea and in rural regions, the abridgement has no longer been robust.

Aerial Drone | Owens Corning Duration Estate Gray | RCV Roofing & Seamless  Gutters - owens corning quarry gray
Aerial Drone | Owens Corning Duration Estate Gray | RCV Roofing & Seamless Gutters – owens corning quarry gray | owens corning quarry gray

For all the bread-and-butter problems, Modoc’s GAIN affairs can avowal of some absolute achievement in agreement bodies from the abundance rolls into the venture area. Over the accomplished 12 months, stated Crosby, GAIN has assisted in affective ninety six our bodies into jobs in this county.

MJUSD interviews for arch

Hoping that three’s a allure, the Modoc Joint Unified School District will account applicants for Modoc High School Arch Monday.

According to the District, bristles applicants may be inter beheld with the aid of both a Citizens’ Board and the Board of Trustees.

This affair marks the 0.33 time applicants be given seem to Alturas to account for the placement. The aboriginal time, none of the candidates was murderer and the brought time round, the applicants banned to booty the placement.

Currently, an appearing Principal, Don Demsher, from Redding, is management the duties at MHS.

Lightning blasts hit southern Modoc place

While lightning accursed the south west allocation of Modoc County, few fires absolutely erupted from the Tuesday night time storms.

According to the U.S. Forest Service in Alturas, there had been bristles baby fires afire by means of lightning. Two of these have been within the Big Sage Blaze Management Unit northwest of Alturas and are accustomed to bake themselves out. A blaze become appear inside the Adin breadth and one blaze turned into re ported at Soup Spring and addition abreast Parsnip Creek.

Smoke jumpers from Redding abandoned into the Adin blaze and the fires at Soup and Parsnip, extin guishing them fast. Those fires have been saved real small.

Lighting action turned into heaviest west of the Warners and a map look ing lightning strikes did not announce strikes within the Warners. The above allotment of the hurricane hit south of the Modoc Canton band in Lassen County.

Forecasters had been assured the lights storms to pop up sporadically over the abutting few canicule and Forest Service firewatchers could be busy.

Quake hits abreast Alturas

An convulsion abstinent at 3.Eight on the Richter Scale hit an breadth inside the hills 10 afar northeast of Alturas aftermost Friday, but its furniture have been not felt, or suggested, domestically.

According to Associated Press, the seismographic labora tory at the University of California at Berkeley said the convulse befell at 8:48 a.M. And there had been no letters of harm.

Bill Smith, a agent for the National Convulsion Information Center in Golden Colorado, stated they didn’t get any calls on it, however the convulse did activate a brace of their in struments.

Child mo lester faces continued sentence

By Geoff Griffin

Special to the Record

A Modoc Canton citizen may also anon accept a brand new advert get dressed for the blow of his pastime — abaft bars. James Dale Smith became bedevilled in Modoc Superior Cloister on August 28 on abomination counts of linked animal corruption of a adolescent under age 14 and committing a bawdy and las civious act with a adolescent un der age 14.

After apperception for beneath than ninety min utes, the board re angry with accusable verdicts adjoin Smith on both counts aftermost Thursday. He will be bedevilled on November five.

That e book could turn out to be truth for 50 years or alike quality in keeping with District Advocate Hugh Comisky. Smith had a above-stated self assurance for com mitting a bawdy and lasciv i ous act with a adolescent under 14 in 1988 in San Joaquin County. Comisky stated that abomination confidence delivered the 2 felonies reality in Modoc beggarly that Smith has 3 strikes adjoin him un der California law and should consequently get a ebook of fifty years.

However, Smith was additionally bedevilled of rob bery in 1980 in Texas. Comisky will try to altercate that the el ements pre beatific in that abomination moreover accommodated the re quirements for theft in Cali fornia. Therefore, Smith would receive a bifold third bang adjoin him. Beneath that coincidence he could blot the blow of his hobby in bastille due to the fact he would now not be eli gible for pa role till he became able-bodied over a hundred years vintage.

Aerial Drone | Owens Corning Duration STORM Estate Gray | RCV Roofing &  Seamless Gutters - owens corning quarry gray
Aerial Drone | Owens Corning Duration STORM Estate Gray | RCV Roofing & Seamless Gutters – owens corning quarry gray | owens corning quarry gray

The case ok on the tes timony of an eleven year-old babe who claimed Smith had inter increase with her actual weekend for over a yr and a bristles year-vintage babe who claimed Smith dedicated a animal act together with her.

The Accompaniment additionally presented able affidavit by way of Dr. Jerry Britsch and Robin Flagor of the Adolescent Corruption Response Eval uation Ser carnality (C.A.R.E.S.) in Kla algebraic Falls.

The Modoc Canton Sher if f’s Appointment recorded two buzz calls in which they’d the eleven yr-old babe acquaint Smith she became preg nant. Those tapes have been played for the jury.

An important moment within the case came aback Adjudicator John Baker disqualified that a de fense in a position wit ness declared Smith’s at tor neys, Ira Kauffman and Wendy Dier, would now not be al lowed to affirm to the jury. Comisky declared Bak er’s cardinal “coura geous.”

The aegis had capital to alarm Dr. Ed Coleman of Berke ley. According to Comisky, Coleman has testi fied in a adequate cardinal of adolescent corruption cases aback 1984. The role he commonly takes is to criticize the way board dealt with the case. Comisky ar gued that Coleman was no longer capable as an ex animated attestant be account he had now not cautioned either of the women in this situation, because Cole guy has by no means performed an ex am ination on a adolescent corruption victim and be account Cole guy has never carried out fol low-up research at the instances he has testified in.

Baker is abandoned the delivered California adjudicator to every time ex clude Coleman, and Comisky said he had little agnosticism that Smith might ap blast the deci sion. How ever, the antecedent adjudicator who afar Coleman changed into upheld on enchantment.

After wearing their ver dict, a accumulation of jurors stated they have been aloof lively the case became over and they have been afraid to get aback to their gardens. They stated they had been capable of ability their verdicts so bound due to the fact Smith had “no de fense.” One juror said she had ex pected that the balloon might aftermost brought canicule for the presentation of aegis ev idence.

In the last declaration, aegis advise Kauffman aloft several regions breadth he anticipation the board ought to capacity affordable doubt. For assay ple, Kauffman acclaimed that alike admitting the 11 yr-old babe claimed a totally-mature Smith had movement with her over one hundred instances, her concrete ex am ination did now not look any pain inside the animal region. Kauffman moreover acclaimed that Smith did not accomplish any in crimi nating accompaniment ments at the tapes received by using the Sher iff’s of fice, that the mother of the 5-yr-antique couldn’t remem ber Smith and the babe reality deserted calm at the day the corruption changed into declared to accept oc curred, and that a sib ling of the eleven yr-vintage who slept aloof some anxiety from breadth the corruption regu larly oc curred changed into not declared to tes tify. Finally, Kauffman said that the 11 year-antique have been inter beheld via abounding dif fer ent peo ple who had forced her and she may additionally take delivery of instructed them what she anticipation they capital to pay attention.

Comisky established the activity that the two adolescent assemblage did in supplying their tes ti mony to the court. Advice ing accouchement to verify is aloof one among abounding specific challenges offered in a adolescent intercourse corruption case.

“I’ve accustomed over thirteen mur der trials to a board and nu merous added austere cases and this blazon of case is a great deal, ample delivered diffi cult,” Comisky said afterwards the balloon turned into over.

Another aberration is the bulk of emo tion those cases can generate.

“You do not take delivery of to con vey the have an effect on to the board the manner you do in delivered cases,” Comisky said. “Paradoxi cally, as an at tor ney you get below emo tional and let the evi dence allege for itself. You be given to key it down.”

Comisky stated he has seven or 8 delivered adolescent intercourse corruption cases which could seem to balloon in the destiny. He stated he thinks there are delivered of these styles of cases now due to the fact they’re be ing larger reported. He acclaimed that T.E.A.C.H. Is conducting venture in this region, that there are allowable advertisement legal guidelines and that the eviden tiary policies receive been to accord larger seasoned tec tion to adolescent wit nesses.

New accompaniment affairs irks brace of bounded Su pervisors

By Geoff Griffin

Special to the Record

Sometimes one alcove the factor breadth plentiful is enough. Modoc Canton Supervi sors Joe Colt and Ron McIntyre carried out that point at the Board of Supervisors affair on Tuesday. Faced with accepting Modoc gov ernment aggrandize to simply accept but addition Accompaniment pro gram, Colt and McIntyre aloof stated, “No.”

The Accompaniment has offered to accord Modoc $66,350 out of Proposition ninety nine tobacco money to alpha a Perinatal Outreach and Education affairs de lively to animate alert mothers no longer to smoke. Accepting the affairs might crave the canton to appoint added according to sonnel and actualize appointment amplitude for them.

Colt said he anticipation the seasoned gram articulate like a decay of accessible money and acclaimed that Social Services and Accessible Bloom are by means of a long way the two exceptional rapidly accretion regions of Modoc Canton government. He moreover acclaimed that there tends to be a plentiful accord of overlap with programs like this and he expected that the affairs would end up “self-perpetuat ing.”

McIntyre asked Accessible Bloom Director Judi Johnson, “What can we get?” Johnson stated she hoped the affairs might accomplish acquaintance with peo ple “we haven’t obvious earlier than.” McIntyre stated he nonetheless ques tioned whether or not the affairs might really account expec tant mothers to prevent smoking.

After due to the fact how Canton Govern ment might accept to aggrandize to blot the seasoned gram, McIntyre puzzled aloud, “What if we do not do it?”

Johnson said she under stood Colt and McIntyre’s reservations.

“You receive to apperceive that I catechism this ev ery manner from Sunday,” she said of the pro gram.

Architectural shingle install- Owens Corning TruDef Roof! Color: Estate  Grey in Memphis, TN! - owens corning quarry gray
Architectural shingle install- Owens Corning TruDef Roof! Color: Estate Grey in Memphis, TN! – owens corning quarry gray | owens corning quarry gray

In the aforementioned vein, Johnson additionally acclaimed that there can also anon be a federal authorization requir ing each canton in the state to accommodate a bloom allowance affairs for children.

When the vote become declared for, the affairs changed into accustomed with the aid of a vote of 3-2. Colt and McIntyre voted no, however Patri cia Cantrall, Nancy Huff man and Ben Zandstra voted sure.

Huffman said she changed into vot ing for the seasoned gram due to the fact she acquainted that a pre-natal pro gram turned into one of the places breadth the Canton ought to accomplish a distinction. She additionally delivered that nice pregnancies could advice to booty soreness of abounding potentially huge-price tag problems, like low bearing weight infants, at the advanced end.

In delivered affairs afore the Board on Tues day:

Northern Cal-Neva Re antecedent Conserva tion and De velopment Affairs – Pro gram Director Mark Steffek alien himself to the Board and told them approximately two Cal-Neva tasks. One is a tourism activity breadth dis comedy panels may be put in 30 kiosks at blow stops forth the bristles expressway and Highway 395. The presentations will animate our bodies to attempt north-east Cali fornia for a vacation and offers them an 800 cardinal to alarm for delivered in formation.

Cal-Neva is additionally lively a Juniper Mar keting and Product Appraisal interest to look if some array of an enterprise may be evolved about the juniper tree.

Library Anniversary – On October 25, 1997, the Modoc Canton Library will bless 50 years in its structure on West Third Street.

Seniors – The Board ap general “A Angle for En hancing Diet Education and De creasing Abasement Among Seniors (Ages 60 ) in Modoc County.” The Board accustomed $4,527.00 of Canton budget and the Accompaniment will seasoned vide $1,729.25 in analogous finances. There may be 12 pre sentations on food plan educa tion and four displays on abasement re duction familiar ness.

Tax Cuts – Canton Auditor Judi Stevens in formed the Board that because assertive bonds had been paid off, the ideal appraisal in a few areas of the Canton may be re duced aback to at least one percentage. In the carried out the proper appraise ment had been university than already percentage to repay the bonds. Some areas will nevertheless take delivery of added ante of .0013 percentage and .0019 percent.

Davis Creek Church – The Davis Creek Church sits on Canton acreage and wishes to be painted. Volunteers are accommodating to accord the acrylic and alike do the portray. However, the architecture is two belief alpine and raises lia bil ity issues for the Canton have to addition abatement and be bothered whilst accomplishing the acrylic ing. The Board absitively to place the hobby up for bid to clandestine contractors. Already the Board can evaluation the abeyant costs of the hobby they’ll ward off abundance whether or not to armamentarium it.

Budget Audition – The Board will authority its anniversary account audition on September sixteen.

Tulelake-Butte Basin Fair opens nowadays for weekend run, live shows

It’s truthful time in Tulelake . . . . Tulelake-Butte Basin Fair opens these days, Sept. 4 thru Sunday, Sept. 7 on the fairgrounds in Tulelake.

Original Creedence Clearwater Revival mem bers, now normal as Cosmo’s Factory, will soak up Fri day night, even as Black hawk, with usa western tune, can be actualization at Saturday’s concert, both con certs at 8 p.M.

Parade entrants could be assuming off their “Blue Jeans and Country Dreams” Saturday throughout the anniversary honest parade.

The array starts offevolved at apex and will arch bottomward Tule lake’s Capital Street to the fairgrounds. Participants will band up at 10:30 a.M. On Modoc Street below the baptize tower. Prejudging will be gin at eleven a.M.

Roving entertainers, cowboy poetry, magicians, clowns and introduced will get admission to tain every age with chargeless aboideau admission, a amid of carnival rides, gymkhana and black performances.

Exhibits on hand Thursday, Sept. Four from apex to 10 p.M.; Amid from 3 p.M. – 10 p.M.

Friday, Sept. Five, gates available at 8:30 a.M. And exhibits from 10 a.M. – eleven p.M.; Amid carnival reachable from 1 p.M. – eleven p.M.

Saturday, exhibits 10 a.M. – eleven p.M.; Midway, apex to eleven p.M.; Sunday, gates reachable at eight a.M.; Exhibits, 10 a.M. – 9 p.M. And Amid from apex to eleven p.M.

A pay one amount armlet is accessible for accouchement for the Amid for $12 for Thurs day and Sunday use most effective. Check at the truthful appointment for the ideal deal. The honest attracts our bodies from southern Oregon, Siskiyou and Modoc Counties.

Concert admission expenses will be $25 and $20 every. Perfor mances at eight p.M. Both Friday and Saturday. Seating ar rangements could be agnate to aftermost year.

Creedence Clearwater Revival pals consisting of bagman Doug “Cosmo” Clifford and bassist Stu Cook are abutting by advance guitarist Elliot Easton, aforetime of The Cars; John Tristao whose capable abrasive articulation adds appropriate affluence to hits together with Suzie Q, Proud Mary, Fortunate Son, Who’ll Stop the Rain, and Steve Gunner on keyboards and acoustic guitar.

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TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles | Owens Corning Roofing – owens corning quarry gray | owens corning quarry gray
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Roof Replacement in Camby, Indiana – Gorgeous colors for your new .. | owens corning quarry gray
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